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My name is Linda Madison, and I WELCOME and THANK YOU for taking the time to get this far.  I hope that I can have a few minutes of your time to persuade you to let me be your mentor and sponsor in an automated $10 per month homebased business opportunity.

The reason why I want to be your mentor and sponsor is because I want to help you and others learn how to make money online.  I want to help you avoid the costly pitfalls I endured because of what I did not know.

You see, people want to earn large amounts of money but don't really know how to do it.  Many settle for working long and hard for someone else, instead of working smart for themselves.​  They accept the "status quo" and work to make someone else rich, instead of working to make themselves rich.  They invest more in others than in themselves.

​​​​​​​Imagine if you lost a reliable income or job today or tomorrow, would you have enough extra money to maintain your present lifestyle for more than 3 months?  How about if you are faced with an unexpected emergency, such as an expensive medical bill or climatic disruption, would it bankrupt youCould any one of these two events cause you to be broke and homeless?

Look at what happened when the government was partially shutdown.  Many people living "paycheck to paycheck" ​suffered unnecessary extreme financial hardship.  It might take months if not years for some of them to recover.

What about those who are planning for retirement?  Do they have enough to retire on with the increase prices in drugs, groceries and assistant living?​

A well-known and proven way to deal with all of these financial calamities is to create a passive income that will support you and your family month after month no matter what happens.  Whether you're sleeping, shopping or vacationing, like clockwork, you can have a monthly check paid to you.​

With a mere $10 a month, you can invest in your financial future and create for you and your family an INCOME FOR LIFE!​  This is LESS THAN 34 CENTS PER DAY, which is way far less than the amount it would cost if you invested in the stockmarket and looked for an immediate return on your investment to be more than $3000, $5000​ or even $30,000​​ per month.

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1.)  Bookmark this page to come back to it if you need help with signing up in the homebased business opportunity.  An instructional step-by-step video at the bottom of this page will show you how to SIGN UP.  Be prepared to create your own username, which can simply be your own name, your own password and your own domain name.  Be very professional with your domain name, because you'll be sharing it with others.

2.)  As your sponsor, I would like for you to write down my email address and contact me if you have a comment or question.  Write me at:​

3.)  You will need a debit/credit card or a PayPal account​ when you SIGN UP.

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